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Breeder Connect is the premier application for bringing ethical breeders and responsible animal enthusiasts together. Whether you are a professional breeder or just looking for your forever friend, Breeder Connect is the place to be!
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Build a detailed profile for your pet, listing all of the services that you would like to offer.
Use our powerful search tools and filters to find exactly what you're looking for!
Our in app messenger makes connecting with your clients and colleagues easier than ever before.
known as "Man's best friend " they have been domesticated into all walks of people's lives acting as companions, guardians, service , therapy, working , and sporting dogs
A mystical animal respected and worshipped to bring guidance and good fortune. They offer an unparalleled affection and companionship "
a prestigious animal imbedded in human culture and paramount to human civilization
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Set Alerts, share posts with your friends, follow breeders, and network with others in the community
Words from our satisfied users
Our pets are the happiest!
Amazing app! It’s easy to use and everything I need is here, in one place. Thank you!
Beverly M. Toronto Ontario
7 July 2021
I have been looking to breed my female Bernese Mountain dog and this app has made my search so much easier!
Noreen S. Abbotsford B.C
4 June 2021
This app has been very effective for selling my Pug puppies. I don’t even bother to list my puppies anywhere else now as there is no need.
Yolanda Z. Sarasota Florida
5 August 2021
Our family was looking for a pet and we were able to view many different breeds of dogs on the app.
Esther, Sergio and boys Chula Vista CA
7 July 2021
I am a breeder and I really appreciate being able to connect with other breeders around the world on this app!
Hunter R. Rock Hill S.C.
7 July 2021
“Such a great way to locate the right stud to improve my genetic line”
Corbin S. Phoenix AZ
7 July 2021
‘Breeder Connect has made it WAY easier to build a wait list prior to breeding to ensure all my puppies have homes”
Conner F. Las Vegas Nev
7 July 2021
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